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Burial At Sea | Ash Scattering Services

We offer a unique and heartfelt way to honor the lives of your loved ones by providing dignified sea burials. Our mission is to create a serene and respectful farewell that embraces the beauty and tranquility of the ocean, ensuring a peaceful resting place for eternity.

A Timeless Tribute: Sea burials have been a meaningful tradition for centuries, offering a timeless and natural tribute to those who loved the sea.

Peace and Serenity: The vast, open waters provide a tranquil setting for reflection and remembrance, offering a sense of peace that is unmatched.

Our Services

Ceremonial Planning

Our experienced team assists in planning and conducting the ceremony, ensuring every detail is handled with care and respect.

Comprehensive Sea Burial Packages

We offer various packages tailored to your needs, ensuring a personalized and meaningful farewell.

Memorial Options

Options for recording the GPS location of the burial site, creating an everlasting memorial for family and friends to visit.

Our Process


Our compassionate team will discuss your needs and guide you through the available options, ensuring a personalized experience.


We handle all the logistics, from permits to coordinating with maritime authorities, ensuring a seamless process.


On the day of the ceremony, our team will be there to support you, conducting a respectful and meaningful farewell.


We offer extensive catering and beverage options to ensure a delightful voyage throughout the remainder of the cruise

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