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Many events culminate into the most cherishing and unforgettable day of your life. Be it proposing to a special person, an engagement ceremony, or a wedding. These are occasions worth celebrating with your near and dear ones. At Champagne Yacht Events, we say, why go the common way of celebrating when you have the opportunity for a yacht themed event.


Skills in arranging a special event aboard a luxury yacht

We specialize in all types of private events and special occasions where the hero theme is the luxury yacht. Be it a wedding, proposal, engagement, or reunion, and this type of yacht-themed event will make the momentous day extra special.

At Champagne Yacht events, we can execute a flawless evening of rejoicing aboard the exotic yacht themed celebration. From start to end, our team will ensure a seamless experience that guests will remember for years.

There is no compulsion to book our packages for yacht events. We know that a momentous event like a proposal or engagement will need a different setting than a marriage ceremony. Hence, you can customize the event and yacht rental as per your specific requirement. This gives one more reason to connect with us. Even if it is a smaller group of people like a family reunion, you can rely on our yacht rental services to create Instagram-worthy pics that your social network will adore.


Here are some USPs that speak about our caliber in yacht rental services.


1- Get total versatility

At Champagne Yacht Events, we offer a variety of options to celebrate an occasion close to your heart. We have the skills and experience to deliver exemplary quality for occasions like an engagement, a reunion, or family events.

Get the best value for every dollar spent when you engage with us. Our experts will handle every step with utmost care.


2- Total customization

The yacht may be ours, but the event is yours. The special day belongs to you. So, we use our years of expertise in the field to bring you the best in yacht rental services for engagement and proposals.

This deep degree of customization helps make the day extra special and unforgettable for you.


3- Regale guests with a unique experience

We help you impress your guests with a ‘one of its kind’ venue. So whether they come to attend a family reunion, an engagement ceremony, a wedding, or witness you going down on your knees to propose to a soulmate, it will be a memorable event for sure!

Go ahead! Give us a call to plan a memorable yacht themed special occasion, only with us at Champagne Yacht Events.

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